Meet the team of trustees behind COPS Minds


Our Mission

to create a COPS MINDS which will support private mental health counselling and treatment programmes that will offer a direct access root to mental health support for police officers.


Diane Lewis - IGNC

 Diane is a Health Service professional currently undertaking the role of a First Responder for North East Ambulance Service (NEAS).


Trevor Sherwood - BSc (Hons)

Trevor has a policing background & has done a lot of work within the North East in relation to Mental Health within the Community. 


Steve Cooper

Steve is a policing professional he currently coaches police officers and served 10 years as Sergeant and 8 as Detective Inspector.

Our Vision

To improve the wellbeing and wellness of serving police officers and police staff at a time when they need this support the most through the provision of support networks, wellness sessions and grant funding to provide access to private professional support. 

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